Why choose us

Question: We Guarantee Absolute 100% Satisfaction.

The total satisfaction you deserve awaits you with our technology services and mobile consulting. With our experienced techs and service excellence nothing will get in the way to make sure you are a happy customer.

Question: No Surprises, No Tricks.

Your data will not be damaged without your consent, that’s a promise. Before we begin phone/tablet repair services, we check first to see if there are any possible problems and alert you first. We will explain to you any potential risks involved and get your okay before we begin the work. Alternative process is to have your data synchronize and backed up before we proceed any further on your device.

Question: Expect Accuracy With Our Billing.

Every invoice from us is spelled out in detail and completely accurate. We guarantee it. You pre-approve all IT services charges and we bill you accordingly. You’ll never be surprised.

Question: All Repairs Completed According to Schedule AND Budget – Guaranteed.

Know that by bringing your smartphone/tablet to us, there will be no nickel and diming for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have improper training or lack of research. We do the right thing and make no excuses. Your technology needs will be completed within time constraints, resources, scope and budget.

Question: We Listen First, Offer Solutions Second.

Our team is trained on the “Doctor Analogy”. In the world of technology, we are your “Doctor”. We listen to your concerns, check for symptoms and diagnose the situation. We offer our proposed remedy, but will also provide options and the risks associated with each. We will work with you as a team to resolve all matters.

Question: Repairs Done Right, Fast.

Why wait all day for your phone to be repaired? Your iPhone or android is important to you. That’s where our support team and smartphone/tablet specialist come in. You can always access our phone support techs over the phone and in our location.

Question: We Like To Keep It Simple.

If you have any problems or phone/tablet repair questions, you can ask our techs and we will answer in PLAIN ENGLISH. There is absolutely no intimidating “geek speak” by our support professionals.